“Tuomas Turriago is one of the most many-sided of finnish major pianists. No matter what style, Turriago is at home.”
Harri Hautala, Aamulehti, 5.4.2019


Sonata for Recorder and Cembalo (2020) 
Duration 17 min
Commissioned by Eero Saunamäki and Päivi Vesalainen

First performance: Eero Saunamäki, recorder and Päivi Vesalainen, cembalo
1.3.2020 Laikun sali, Tampere, Finland


Sonata for Guitar Solo (2019, rev. 2020) 
Duration 19 min
Commissioned by Janne Malinen

First performance: Janne Malinen, guitar
5.6.2019 Pyynikkisali, Tampere, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Fresas con Crema for Trumpet and Piano (2019)
Duration 2 min

First performance: Ilona Turriago, trumpet and NN, piano
4.12.2019 Kaunas Sonorum Competition, Kaunas, Lithuania

Tanguerengue (2019) – For trumpet and piano
Duration 7 min
Commissioned by Pacho Flores

First performance: Pacho Flores, trumpet, Tuomas Turriago, piano
3.4.2019 Tampere-talo, Pieni sali, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Lacrimosa (2019) – For serpent and piano
Duration 7 min
Commissioned by Harri Lidsle

First performance: Harri Lidsle, serpent, Tuomas Turriago, piano
22.1.2019 Sibelius-talo, Lahti, Finland

Sonata for Flute and Piano (2018)
Duration 20 min
Commissioned by Sami Junnonen

First performance: Sami Junnonen, flute and Tuomas Turriago, piano 
10.11.2018 Musik- och kulturskolan Sandels, Helsinki, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2018)
Duration 17 min
Commissioned by Joonatan Rautiola

First performance: Joonatan Rautiola, alto saxophone and Cyrille Lehn, piano
Université Européenne de Saxophone 2018, Gap, France
20.7.2018 Chapelle des Pénitents, Gap, France
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Somber for Piano Solo (2017)
Duration 5 min
Commisioned by Ville Hautakangas

First performance: Ville Hautakangas, piano
6.3.2019 Tampere-talo, Pieni sali, Tampere, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Concerto for Chamber Ensemble (2017) 
Duration 18 min
Commissioned by TampereRaw

First performance: TampereRaw, Maria Itkonen, conductor, Tampere Philharmonic, Faunien Iltapäivä
25.2.2018 Tampere-talo, small hall, Tampere, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Salsa y Guacamole for Trumpet and Piano (2017)
Duration 1 min

First performance: Ilona Turriago, trumpet and Katja Kilponen, piano
4.2.2017 Huittisten Hullu Puhallus, Finland

Jitters for Piano Solo (2016)
Duration 5 min
Winner of Second Prize in the Composition Competition organized by the Tampere Piano Association 2016
Compulsory work in the national Tampere Piano Competition 2017

First performance: NN, piano, IV/2017, Tampere
Copyright Fennica Gerhman Oy

Claro de Luna, Chamber Opera for Counter Tenor, Flute, Viola and Piano (2016)
part of "Daniel Filippo", Chamber Opera Trilogy, based on a Libretto by Maritza Nuñez, composed by Lauri Toivio, Max Savikangas and Tuomas Turriago

Duration 23 min
Commissioned by Suomalainen Kamariooppera ry

First performance: Teppo Lampela, counter tenor, Lauri Toivio, flute, Max Savikangas, viola, Tuomas Turriago, piano, Vilppu Kiljunen, direction
6.4.2017 Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland

Maan ja Meren Rajalla, Festival Cantata for Mixed Choir, Bassoon and String Quartet (2016)
Duration 15 min
Commissioned by Kaakon Kamarimusiikki

First performance: Tuomas Turriago, conductor, Virolahti Music Association and Virolahti Parish Choirs, Bence Boganyi, bassoon, Jukka Merjanen and Matti Koponen, violin, Mari Viluksela, viola, Tomas Nunez-Garces, cello
13.7.2016 Virolahti Church, Finland

Sonata for Horn and Piano, Jouni Kaipainen in Memoriam (2016)
Duration 19 min
Commissioned by Tommi Hyytinen

First performance: Tommi Hyytinen, french horn and Tuomas Turriago, piano
Lieksa Brass Week 2017, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy


BBQ for PBG, Tango for Brass and Percussion (2016)
Duration  3-4 min
Commissioned by the PowerBrassGirls

First performance: PowerBrassGirls
1.4.2017 Musik- och kulturskolan Sandels, Helsinki, Finland

Myriapod for Piano (2016)
Duration 2 min


Prinsessa Papupata, Fairy Tale Opera (2013-2015)
Duration 33 min
Commissioned by the Tampere Chamber Opera

First performance: Tampere Music Academy
2/2018, Tampere, Finland

Amagmiran for Marimba and Amplified Kantele (2014) 
Duration 10 min
Commissioned by Leena Nousiainen

First performance:  Leena Nousiainen, marimba and Makiko Oba, kantele
12.2.2015, Pyynikkisali, Tampere, Finland


Tre for Clarinet and Guitar (2014)
Duration 9 min
Commissioned by the Tampere Guitar Festival

First performance: Janne Pesonen, clarinet and Otto Tolonen, guitar
Tampere Guitar Festival VI/2014, Finland

Per Aspera, variations for Piano, Violin, Cello and Clarinet (2013) 
Duration 13 min
Commissioned by Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä

First performance:  Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä, violin, Veera Myllymäki, clarinet, Jaani Helander, cello and Roope Gröndahl, piano, 1.2.2015, Helsinki City Hall, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Autumnal (Re)percussions for String Quartet and Percussion (2012, rev. 2013 ) 
Duration 15 min
Commissioned by Harri Lehtinen

First performance:  TampereRaw-quartet and Harri Lehtinen, percussion
18.3.2013 Camerata, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki


Perdido! for Tango Quintet (2012) 
Duration 7 min
Commissioned by the InTime -quintet



Forgotten Melody for Violin and Piano (2012) 
Duration 10 min

First performance: Silva Koskela, violin and Tuomas Turriago, piano
11.4.2012 Pyynikinlinna, Tampere, Finland



Bugles of Light for Brass and Percussion (2012) 
Duration 16 min
Commissioned by the Tampere Philharmonic

First performance: Tampere Philharmonic Brass and Percussion, Tuomas Turriago, conductor
21.3.2012 Tampere City Hall, Finland


Da Lontano… for Piano (2011) 
Duration 6 min

First performance:  Tuomas Turriago, piano
8.11.2011 Pyynikkisali, Tampere, Finland
Copyright Uusinta Kustannus Oy (Collection Pianokimara 2013)

Pochissimo Tangoso for Tuba and Accordeon (2011)
Duration 10 min
Commissioined by Sergio Carolino

First performance:  Sergio Carolino, tuba and Joao Barroso, accordeon
27.10.2011 Teatro Torres Vedra, Porto, Portugal


Zusammen, Bitte! for two Pianos (2011)
Duration 8 min
Commissioned by Hamsa Al-Wadi Juris and Carlos Juris

First performance: Hamsa Al-Wadi Juris and Carlos Juris, piano
3.5.2011 Soiva Akatemia, Helsinki, Finland


Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2011) 
Duration 14 min
Commissioned by the Lieksa Brass Week

First performance: Jouko Harjanne, trumpet, Tuomas Turriago, piano
Lieksa Brass Week 7/2011, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Sonata for Tuba and Piano (2010) 
Duration 12 min
Commissioned by the Lieksa Brass Week

First performance:  Harri Lidsle, tuba and Tuomas Turriago, piano
Lieksa Brass Week 7/2011, Finland
Copyright Fennica Gehrman Oy

Through Corridors of Dream, Variations on a Theme by Schumann (2010)
Duration 15 min
Commissioned by the Mänttä Music Festival

First performance:  Tuomas Turriago, piano
Mänttä Music Festival 2010, Finland

Towards Lydian Light, a Symphony for Strings (2009, rev. 2013)
Duration 19 min
Commissioned by the Mikkeli Orchestra

First performance: Mikkeli Orchestra, Tuomas Turriago, conductor
14.1.2010 Mikkeli, Finland

String Quartet no 2 (2009)
Duration 23 min
Commissioned by Hetta Festival

First performance: Tempera Quartet
Hetta Festival 2009, Finland


Gravity Groove for Saxophone and Piano (2008)
Duration 9 min
Commissioned by the Mänttä Music Festival

First performance: Joonatan Rautiola, saxophone and Marko Hilpo, piano
Mänttä Music Festival 2008, Finland

Symmetry Games, Sonata no 2 for Piano (2004) 
Duration 7 min
Commissioned by the Mänttä Music Festival

First performance:  Tuomas Turriago, piano
Mänttä Music Festival 2004, Finland
Copyright Uusinta Kustannus Oy

Charade for Piano (2004)
Duration 6 min
Commissioned by Aissa Bah

First performance: Tuomas Turriago, piano

Moods after Mompou for Piano (2003)
Duration 7 min
Commissioned by Kiril Kozlovsky

First performance:  Kiril Kozlovsky, piano
Jyväskylä Piano Competition 2004, Finland

String Quartet (2003)
Duration 15 min

First performance: Mikk Murdvee and Timo Vanhamäki, violin, Jussi Aalto, viola and Samuli Peltonen, cello
2003 Helsinki, Finland

Digressions for Solo Harp (2002)
Duration 8 min
Commissioned by Anni Kuusimäki 

First performance: Anni Kuusimäki, harp
15.6.2003 Inkoo, Finland

Remembering for Piano (2001)
Duration 3 min
Commissioned for the Piano Auditions of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences 2001

First performance: Jyväskylä 2001
(There are also versions of this work for violin and piano, cello and piano, trumpet and piano, clarinet and piano and string orchestra. The string orchestra version was premiered by the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Michael Sanderling at the Berlin Philharmonie 2002)

Piano Sonata No 1 Janus (2000) 
Duration 15 min

First performance: Tuomas Turriago, piano
Jyväskylä Piano Competition 2001
Copyright Uusinta Kustannus Oy


Burlesque for Violin and Piano (1999)
Duration 7 min

First performance: Lea Antola, violin and Tuomas Turriago, piano
Jyväskylä 1999 

Tuomas Turriago